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Hilltop Junior School

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We do have a school uniform of which we are very proud. We think it adds to the smartness of the school and is particularly useful for identification on such occasions as school visits.
The schools colours for both Hilltop Schools are red, grey and white. Parents are expected to send their children in school uniform, which can be purchased from for items with the school logo or from elsewhere if desired.
The school logo was the winning design in a competition that involved children from both schools, and sweatshirts bearing the logo are available from our school office. The remainder of items with the school logo can be purchased from the Emblem shop which visits regularly.
                Red and white striped dress
            White or red short-sleeved shirt/blouse with collar 
            Grey tailored trousers / skirt / culottes / tailored shorts
            Grey, red, white socks
            Sensible black sandals/shoes (heels are not permitted)      
            White shirt/ blouse with collar
            Grey tailored trousers / skirt / culottes / pinafore dress
            Red jumper / cardigan / sweatshirt
            Grey, red, white socks or tights
            Plain black school shoes (heels and boots are not permitted)
            Make up, nail varnish and acrylic nails are not permitted.
The only jewellery allowed is a small pair of stud earrings, these must be removed or taped during PE lessons.