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Year 3 Spring 2017 Curriculum


English: This term in English, we will be following the National Curriculum with a focus on a range of reading and writing activities and stimuli linked closely to our book study ‘The Paperbag Prince’ by Colin Thompson. In addition to this, the children will

have a half hour lesson focussing on reading every day. This will develop the learning begun last term during guided reading sessions. Children will be encouraged to continue recording what they have read in their home school books and collecting

signatures on their bookmarks. This will enable children to move their reading frogs forwards across the lily pads on our new display in the hall.


Numeracy: This term in Maths, we will be following the National Curriculum. Children will continue to be encouraged to develop a positive attitude towards maths including independence, resilience, perseverance, reasoning, problem solving, leading to greater depth/mastery. In addition, children will be encouraged to learn their multiplication tables through using Rocktars at home and regularly in school.



Themed: Our themed work this term is centred on Environment Defenders. We will be focussing on the 3R’s (Recycle, Reduce, Reuse) and how the children can contribute to a healthy environment.

Science: We will be looking at how plants grow including observing the life cycle of a runner bean.


ICT:Year 3 will be editing photos and learning about coding.


The Arts:Children will be developing their drawing and observational skills through art and learning about Benjamin Britten through the Music curriculum.



Design & Technology:The focus in this subject will be to understand where our food comes from and we will be undertaking research about Jamie Oliver.



PE:Children will be developing their fitness through games and circuit training.


RE:In this subject children will learn about the practices of Hinduism.


Year 3 will have the opportunity to improve their swimming skills. 



 Home Learning and Support


Home learning activities are set to reinforce and develop your child's knowledge and understanding.


Maths: Times tables, Rock Stars and any related class work.

Literacy: Grammar, punctuation and spelling (GPS) activities.

Friday: A longer, more developed task devised to encourage your child to focus on detail and presentation; often a week is given for this task to be completed.


You can support your child with their learning at home by:

  •  Encouraging your child to read daily from a variety of materials
  •  Sharing reading with your child
  •  Discussing your child's homework tasks with them
  •  Helping your child to practice their multiplication tables and related division facts
  •  Helping your child become more organised and independent with completing homework tasks and bringing in the equipment/kit the need each day.

Some websites that you may find useful to share with your child for a range of revision and learning experiences are:


The children have also been given a DB Primary account to replace their e-folio ones. We are gradually introducing the features of it to them, which includes email, opportunities for home learning and class tasks to be set .